Caprice COOL

Brand: Papadopoulou - Caprice
Time Period: Apr 2011
Client: Papadopoulou
Channels: article sms article web article ivr


Description: The client wanted to communicate the new frozen version of a successful product, created especially for the summer, with a target to boost awareness and sales. The team selected an on pack promotion with many "freezing" prizes with a clear point of communication to the new version of the product. The consumers texted the unique code found inside the package to a shorcode or sumbitted that through web or IVR, in order to get the chance to win the "cool" prizes. Were refrigerators, air conditions and coolers with the big prize being a trip to ice hotel in Sweden.


Results: The campaign achieved a very high for the standards redemption rate and communicated the best way possible the new version of the product. The overall sales during the campaign were over the expectations creating a buzz around the product not only to fans of the previously existing version but also to new consumers.