Amstel Open-Send-Win

Brand: Athenian Brewery - Amstel
Time Period: Jul 2011
Client: Upstream
Channels: article sms article web



Description: During summertime Amstel wanted to organize a promotion that would boost sales, drive repeated purchases and award loyal customers. The applied solution was an on-pack promotion, through a unique code printed on the caps of the bottles and the rings of the cans of Amstel beer. The code was entered by SMS or from the relevant web site, awarding instantly and through a weekly draw almost 200.000€ (in the form of pre-paid CC) to over 1100 winners.


Results: Amstel campaign had a big hit, with a very high participation rate and a remarkable repeated purchase rate. As a result there was a huge increase in sales and profit as well as an amazing customer satisfaction index for the brand.